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Once applied for scholarship then scholarship test will be available on your student dashboard.

What is MT Scholarship Test?

In order to recognize and encourage budding talents Multitutor has arranged MT Scholarship Tests.MT Scholarship Test is an opportunity for students to test their skills and recognize their fullest potential. Exams are set to test your Language skills, Reasoning skills and G.K

Take the next step toward your personal and professional goals

Exam Eligibility

MT scholarship exam is conducted, for all the students starting from the classes 6th to 12th the exam is conducted online and the assessment, selection is done by a software. So, the exam is free from all the biases and prejudices, providing a fair-chance to all the students.

Why should you take MT scholarship Test?
Platform to test your skills

MT scholarship Test provides you the platform to test your skills and improve yourself.

Exposure to PAN INDIA Level Competition

This Pan India Test will help identify and measure Learning Skills such as - Application, Retention, Numerical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning to help you achieve your actual learning potential.

Wavier on MT products

A chance to get 100% off on MT products. Students will get MT products on a discounted price based on their test percentage. Discount percentage will be equal to the percentage of marks you secure in the test.

Shine on Wall Of Fame

Top 3 students in the scholarship test every month will be featured on our wall of fame and will receive a recognition certificate . This even encourages the students to put their best, so that they can bring glory and share with family and friends.

Test Highlights

Take the next step toward your personal and professional goals

MT Scholarship Programme

Chance to get upto 100% off on MT products

Skill Report

You will receive a complete skill report based on your test performance


Subject wise analysis will be provided

Personalized Counselling

You will receive personalized counselling from an expert on how to work and improve your focus areas


Anyone who belongs to the age group 10 years and above is eligible for the test