Refund Policy

MultiTutor aims at creating a satisfactory learning environment and gives free hand to both the teacher and student to discuss their expectations and start the coaching process.

We help in getting leads for both the parties and allow them to take it forward. We do not believe in impeding the process as we like to be just a liaison for both the parties..

MultiTutor has a very transparent and expedient Refund Policy.

1. Refunds will not be provided once the subscription is paid for a month/quarter or a year.

2. No refund will be provided if the subscription is cancelled mid-month i.e. cancellation of subscription in mid-month or before the last day of the plan chosen.

3. We do not have any credit policy. All the subscriptions have to be paid in full amount. No outstanding billing is encouraged.

4. If there are no leads generated in the subscription duration, refund will not be generated.

5. If cancellation of the subscription is initiated in mid-month, it will not be accepted and refund will not be initiated. Cancellation process will be undertaken only after the end of subscription and billing period. In such case one will still have access to its subscription until the end of monthly billing cycle.

6. There will be no refund in case of any party being unsatisfied with the services , content or courses provided.

7. MultiTutor reserves the right to offer/change/amend refunds, discounts, charges or other considerations in select circumstances at its sole discretion.

8. Refund policy stated above can be withheld/amended/ changed at any given point in time by the subscription provider.

9. Please note that each circumstance is unique and election to make any change in the refund policy or any offer in one or any instance does not create any obligation to do so in another.

10. Any additional query on the refund policy feel free to get in touch with us on (website details)