Why should I register with MultiTutor?

MultiTutor is a platform that connects students and teachers. We are a reputed and reliable educational portal that provides quality learning and study materials for students of all walks of life. We have built a strong network of teachers, educational institutions, tuition centres and coaching classes to help students in meeting their varied academic requirements. Our main focus is to make education accessible to one and all. On the other hand, MultiTutor serves as a rewarding medium for aspiring teachers and teaching professionals to create an identity of their own by reaching out to wide student base, pan India. Moreover, this is a platform where large volumes of contents are generated on daily basis, in different subjects in the form of lesson notes, presentations, essays, etc. Besides teaching, MultiTutor provides enough scope for writing professionals in content development and promote and sell the same to tutors, educational organisations and coaching centres. We thus cater to a broad range of individuals by extending extensive learning services to students as well as great career potentialities to tutors. To be a part of such prominent educational portal, it is essential to maintain authenticity and professionalism by getting registered under MultiTutor. We will provide you with visibility and wide reach, once you register your profile with us.

How will MultiTutor help me to grow my tutoring business?

MultiTutor is an ideal platform where teachers and tutors can promote themselves in a defined manner. We are glad to share our secret that will help you to grow your teaching or tutoring business. To begin with; you have to first create your tutor profile on MultiTutor. It is for the students from across the country to find you. We have been thriving so far by robustly promoting MultiTutor on different media platforms. In turn, you and your profile will get enough visibility in the web world through our website. All you have to do is just sit back, create a profile in MultiTutor, make a small investment and watch revenue pouring on you!

Is the registration free?

No. MultiTutor has 3 plans that you will be able to choose from, ranging – 3 months, 6 months and annual.

How to register as a tutor?

To be a registered tutor at MultiTutor, you need to:

  • Visit MultiTutor website and click on ‘Register’ button.
  • Select the ‘Tutor’ option and fill the required details.
  • After filling the form, a verification email will be sent to the email ID provided by you.
  • Follow the instructions in the verification email to activate your registration.
  • Next, you will see an option to select your plan.
  • Once you complete that, your profile as a tutor will be created and ready for use.

Why is it necessary to have a good profile?

Having a good profile is necessary so as to help students find brilliant tutors like you, who matches with their learning needs. A tutor profile is the first thing that a student or parent looks at when they are searching for the right teacher on MultiTutor. It is thus important to create a good profile and make the best impression to increase your chances of getting picked by students (or parents). Please add a demo video showing your teaching methodology in your profile so that student or parent gets an idea about your way of teaching and if they will like the demo video only then they would ask you for a demo session. It will help you save your time in future by not giving unnecessary demo classes to students.

What to do if I forget both password?

In case, if you have forgotten your password, visit the ‘Login’ section on MultiTutor and select ‘Tutor’. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ button and provide your registered email ID. A recovery email will be sent on your registered email id. Follow the instructions given in the received email and you will be able to log into your account by creating a new password.

What to do if I forget my registered email ID?

If you have forgotten your registered email ID, send us a message on email or WhatsApp requesting for email ID recovery mail. Send us correct details of your name, Email ID and registered mobile number. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Will I be charged to receive the contact details of students?

No. Students who are interested to connect and learn from you on MultiTutor will send you an enquiry message, which will be received in your given email address. Hence, it is important for you to be active online and check your inbox regularly throughout the day.

Will I get tuition enquiries through SMS and email?

No, you will receive tuition enquiries only through email.

Can I change my category or segments after registration?

Yes, you will be able to change category and other segments after registering under MultiTutor.

Why am I not getting any activation mail, enquiry or promotional mails from MultiTutor?

You might face these issues for the following reasons:

  • Your email ID must not have been verified with our customer support executive.
  • Our emails might be going to the Spam or Junk folders in your inbox. Check these folders. Disable the ‘Spam’ filter so that you will start receiving emails from MultiTutor from next time onwards.

If still the problems exist, then send an email to our customer support team. They will verify your details and solve the issues within 48 hours.

NOTE: If you are a Gmail user and have been receiving emails from Multitutor in the ‘Promotions’ tab, then you need to shift the emails from ‘Promotions’ to ‘Primary’ folder.

Where does MultiTutor operate from?

MultiTutor operates from India alone.

What is the customer support number of MultiTutor?

You can contact the customer support team of Multitutor by clicking on the floating icon given on our website. Once you leave a message, you will instantly get connected with our customer support executive.

How can I receive mobile verification code or verify my tutor account?

You will receive only verification mail, through the email ID that you provided at the time of registration.

Does your website have any mobile app?

No, MultiTutor as of now doesn’t have any mobile app. But we will be launching one soon.

How can I offer tuitions - online or offline?

At MultiTutor, you have different options that you can choose from:

  • If you are interested to offer only online tuition, you should choose the ‘online’ option while filling up your tutor profile.
  • If you are willing to take offline or home tuition, choose the desired field while creating your profile.
  • If you wish to provide both online and offline tuitions, then choose both on your profile.

(Note: The option you select will only be displayed on your profile)

Do I have to pay any amount of commission from my tuition fees?

No, MultiTutor does not take any commission from tutors. All fees transactions happen directly between student and tutor. As a tutor, you can independently decide your fee structure and the mode of payments

Do I get guarantee on the tuition that I am applying to?

No. MultiTutor does not guarantee on this because it all depends on the decision made by students or parents who have connected with you through our website and by shortlisting based on your tutor profile. We only provide a common online ground for students (and parents) and tutors to interact so that their respective needs are met.

Do you provide any demo class facility before an actual tuition class?

No, there is no demo class facility provided by MultiTutor.

How many enquiries can I expect per month?

Endless numbers of enquiries! There will be no limitations on the same.

Is there any particular number limit on the enquiries that I can respond to?

No, there will be no such limitations.

How would I get students on MultiTutor?

Being a reputed educational portal in India, MultiTutor is visited by a great number of students on daily basis. Both students or parents search for tutors who could meet their learning requirements effectively and comprehensively. They browse our website for availing study materials as well. You would need to create and update your profile regularly and accurately. It helps students to make a decision to select you, seeing that your information is in line with their purpose; whether as their tutor or for developing contents for their academic needs. If they choose you as their tutor, they will connect with you directly.

What are the payment options?

MultiTutor accepts all kinds of payments such as credit/debit cards, net banking, Google Pay and Paytm. You can choose from any of these, as per your convenience.

Will I be able to view the contact details of the students before making any payment?

No. On registering on MultiTutor, once you have created and completed your profile, only then the students will be able to find you.

Will the students be able to view my contact details without making any payment?

No. Multitutor is fully focused to ensure that the students always find suitable tutors, who are extremely interested to be listed on our website and dedicated to help the students with their learning needs.

How to check the contact details of the students after making payment?

The student’s ID will be visible when he/she messages you. By going to the student’s profile, you will be able to check his/her details including interests, academic achievements and so on.

How can I promote my tuition or coaching business on MultiTutor?

Promoting your tuition or coaching business through MultiTutor is quite simple and easy. Here is what you must do:

1. On MultiTutor website, you get the option to create your profile – either as a tutor/teacher or as a tuition centre or coaching institute.

2. Provide accurate and complete details including your education and professional background, location, fees, timings, services, study material, etc.

3. Once your profile is registered and activated on MultiTutor, students will be able to find you on our website.

MultiTutor engages in extensive marketing and promotional activities so as to attract students from diverse subject interests and from across India to our portal for driving up employment opportunities for teachers.

Is MultiTutor free to join?

No. It is free only for the students. Tutors have to pay a small fee amount to MultiTutor. The investment helps us to generate work for the teachers as well as create promotional strategies to attract students to select tutors from our site. This is a great platform for teachers to gain visibility and earn well. As they say, small investment leads to large returns.

Is it necessary to update my profile information?

Yes, as a tutor, it is necessary for you to update your profile information on MultiTutor. Providing complete and accurate details about yourself will add authenticity to your tutor profile and earn the credibility of students/parents. Moreover, it is advisable to update your tutor profile regularly, which will help in promoting you in the listing of MultiTutor. Your profile must include all the important details/information regarding your educational qualification, work experience, location, fees, subjects of specialisation, portfolio, availability, introductory video, lesson samples and so on.

How will students find me?

Multitutor is daily visited by thousands of students from across India, looking for ideal tutors and teachers and even tuition centres near their location. Once you have created a profile as a tutor or tuition centre or coaching institute on Multitutor, students will be able to find you and directly connect with you.

Do I have to pay any commission to Multitutor to get leads?

No. Multitutor won’t be charging any commission from tutors. We act as a platform to connect students with suitable teachers. If any student wants to contact you seeing your profile on Multitutor, he/she can directly message you and hire your tuition services and we don't expect any commission from that fee amount received by you.

What should I do to improve my tutor profile?

In order to improve your tutor profile on MultiTutor, you need to update it regularly. Your profile score will be boosted if you simply update any information in your profile. It will be useful for students searching on our website and thus, increase the chances of you getting selected. Once you have filled in the basic details, it is advisable to update other advanced information such as your profile photo, educational qualification, certifications, students’ reviews, portfolio including short introductory video, lesson videos, lesson notes, articles, presentations and other study materials. These will not only create a good impression on first timers but also win the trust of the students/parents looking at your profile.

Note: Your profile score will be updated based on your overall performance and the popularity listing on Multitutor. It is advisable not to provide any of your contact details anywhere on the notes posted on your profile.

Why is it important to give details of my qualification, tutoring approach, tutoring schedule?

It is important to provide basic details in your tutor profile on Multitutor because it helps simplifying the search process of the students looking for a good tutor like you. Providing complete and accurate details will make your profile look authentic and win the trust of students/parents, which will be helpful to shortlist as well as influence them to choose you. Therefore, it is necessary to provide details such as your qualification, professional experience, subjects that you handle, tutoring schedule, fees and more. This information will enable a student/parent to judge your profile and make a positive decision about you.

What should I write in sections ‘About Me’ and ‘Tutoring Experience’?

In ‘About Me’ section in your profile, give a strong and compelling description about yourself so as to create the best impression on the reader. This section is actually for introducing yourself to any student or parent looking for an ideal teacher/tutor. Hence, the content should be accurate, impressive and convincing. In ‘Tutoring Experience’, put down your professional experience as a tutor in years and the name of organisations where you have worked as a teacher.

Why do I have to add sample notes?

It is advisable to add sample note(s) under your tutor profile in MultiTutor because it will benefit the students to understand your command on content development. The sample notes will serve as your portfolio and give proof of your teaching expertise.

How do I upload sample notes?

For uploading your sample notes on MultiTutor, first go to your profile on the website. A section will be provided to upload files. You can upload samples in the form of word documents, PDF, snapshots of notes or even short videos. Once the required samples are uploaded, it will be visible for anyone who views your profile on MultiTutor.

How to upload my articles?

To upload your articles on MultiTutor, go to your profile and look for the section given for uploading files. Your articles must be saved in word file, PDF or JPEG (screenshots). After the articles are uploaded, they will be visible to students, tutors or anyone else who checks your tutor profile on the website.

How to upload my profile photo?

To upload your profile photo on MultiTutor, go to your tutor profile. There you will find a section to upload photo. Choose a high-resolution picture of yourself. Tip: Select a picture of yours in which you look in formal attire against a plain background. Your profile photo must give a professional feel.

How to upload my education certificate?

Go to your tutor profile on MultiTutor. There will be a section to upload files. Choose relevant education certificates and upload them here. The files can be in PDF or JPEG formats.

How should I upload a PPT?

To upload a PPT, you have to go to your profile on MultiTutor. There you will find a section to upload files. You can upload your PPT file or any other learning material like articles, lesson videos, sample notes etc. in this section.

Why is it necessary to add a presentation of my tutoring approach?

It is necessary to add a presentation of your tutoring approach to help students/parents or anyone checking your profile to get an idea about your teaching style and communication and presentational skills. By adding a presentation, it will make your tutor profile more interesting and attractive.

Why should I add an introductory video to my profile?

As an online tutor, it is important to add an introductory or intro video to your profile. It acts as a visual summary for you, for prospective students and their parents, to judge you, your teaching approach and skills. It will not only help to create the first impression but also influence the view to make a decision to choose you. So, Multitutor advises you to create a short video (of 30-60 secs) where you are introducing yourself by sharing important details and add that video to your tutor profile.

Why should I provide articles on my specialization?

If you provide articles on your specialization, your tutor profile on MultiTutor will look reliable. It will serve as a proof of your subject expertise as well as content creation skills. Your articles will provide a clear idea to students/parents on which they will form an opinion about your teaching ability. Moreover, it will serve as a learning material for other tutors, educational institutions and coaching centres.

How to request reviews from the student?

On MultiTutor, students have the option to give a review on a tutor through star rating and by writing their feedback in a text box given for the purpose under the tutor’s profile. If you want to seek reviews from your students, simply share your profile link to the students and ask them to share reviews for you. Also, you can post this link in the description of your lesson videos.

How to increase the visibility of my profile?

It is possible to increase the visibility of your profile, by regularly updating the information on your tutor profile on MultiTutor. For that, you must provide correct and complete details about yourself. It will help to increase your chances of being chosen by students/parents. As the leading educational portal in India, MultiTutor gives emphasis on making aggressive promotional and marketing campaigns to help brilliant teachers like you to get more visibility and wider reach.

How to increase the visibility of my profile?

It is possible to increase the visibility of your profile, by regularly updating the information on your tutor profile on MultiTutor. For that, you must provide correct and complete details about yourself. It will help to increase your chances of being chosen by students/parents. As the leading educational portal in India, MultiTutor gives emphasis on making aggressive promotional and marketing campaigns to help brilliant teachers like you to get more visibility and wider reach.

What is the ‘Write an Answer’ challenge and why should I participate in it?

The challenge gives you a scope to answer the academic queries posted by students on MultiTutor. It majorly provides you a chance to prove your knowledge and earn credibility. The more correct answers you give, the more credit points your profile will receive.


Why should I register?

Finding a good online tutor is not an easy task. Given the fact that there are so many teaching professionals out there, the search becomes even more challenging. By registering yourself at Multitutor, it makes the process of finding an ideal tutor much simpler. Once you register on our website, your details and requirements will be saved and it will be used to match with the right teachers whom you were looking out for. As the reputed educational portal, Multitutor serves as a reliable bridge for students to connect with tutors, tuition centres, coaching classes, educational organisations, pan India and fulfil their varied academic needs.

How does it work?

Multitutor is easy and convenient to use. Here are simple steps that you need to follow:

1. Sign up on Multitutor website

2. Select a suitable option

3. Choose your preferred tutor(s)

4. And you are all set to begin with an enriching journey!

How does a student register?

You will find a ‘Register’ button on the top corner of Multitutor website. Click it and register as a ‘Student’. Once you register, a verification link will be sent to the email address provided by you and after it is done, you will become a registered user.

What is the registration cost?

At Multitutor, the registration fee for students is FREE!

How to find a tutor?

It is as simple as ABC! Mutlitutor has a search engine on the website. The search bar will help you to find the right tutor using different filters, within less time. Look for teachers by selecting your preferred subjects. You will be provided with a huge list of the best teachers on Multitutor. From here, you will get to see more filters such as boards, class study material, experience, etc. Once you select a teacher, you can contact him/her by clicking the ‘Message’ button.

How do I trust upon the quality of the tutor?

Mutlitutor firmly believes in following profile transparency. We request all our tutors to be completely transparent, especially while promoting themselves through their teaching ads. All the teachers are expected to share a detailed information about their education background, qualification, work experience, subject of expertise and so on.

How is a tutor selection made? Are the tutors screened?

At Multitutor, we have a separate team that goes through every teacher’s profile before we accept their registration. The tutors are thorough screened and assessed on various parameters including their educational qualification, work experience, certificates and so on.

What level of support can I expect from the tutor?

You can expect a complete support from a Multitutor teacher. All our tutors are well-qualified and experienced to provide apt guidance to all students. Individual attention is guaranteed.

How far are the reviews genuine?

All the reviews under Multitutor are 100% authentic! For this, we thoroughly check and verify all the reviews and recommendations received by our teachers. To make the website as authentic as possible, we allow only registered members to post their reviews about our teachers. Multitutor is a vast community that connects students with the right teaching professionals. You can vouch us for offering teachers who are brilliant, highly qualified and committed towards their profession. We take pride in our huge student base that helped us to build a large network of excellent teachers. The ratings provided by students as well as their response time are displayed and updated in real-time. All the reviews and recommendations, which are extended by the former students of our teachers, will provide you the clear picture about the quality and professionalism of the tutors’ teaching style and methods.

What should I do in case I am unable to find a particular tutor?

Multitutor is always focused to enrol maximum number of teachers of diverse subject backgrounds and experience. This is beneficial for students having different kinds of learning requirements to meet their ideal tutor and avail right academic assistance, anytime, from anywhere. If you are unable to find a tutor, then do reach us out by mailing your query at ____________ (email id).

Do I have to pay anything to contact teachers?

No, you won’t be charged for contacting teachers. The service is completely free for students.

How to post a review for my preferred teacher?

If you have completed attending 7 days of tutoring class at Multitutor, you can post a review by logging in from your registered ID and clicking on the ‘Review’ button. It is advisable to complete a week of our tutoring classes before you share your review. You can always contact us here _________, if you want to share your feedback about certain teacher on Multitutor.

How to find any study material?

Users can completely rely on the search bar of Multitutor website to find any kind of study material on any subject that you require.

When can I expect replies from my tutors?

After you post your query to any particular tutor, you can expect replies from him/her in the shortest possible time. Usually, any tutor on Multitutor contacts the student with the answers in quick time and in some cases, owing to any prior commitment the tutor might probably take 24 hours to revert back. Here, please take note that at Multitutor, we do not provide the students with direct contact details of tutors. If you do not receive any response from a tutor beyond 24 hours, then do contact us and we will help you to connect with the teacher.

What to do when I am not able to connect with my tutor?

If you are unable to connect to your tutor at Multitutor, contact us at _______ (email ID).

How much is the tuition fees?

Multitutor neither fixes the tuition fees on the behalf of tutors nor charges any commission from their tuition fees. All we do is providing the details of tutors alone. The tutors or educational institutions working under Multitutor are solely responsible for deciding the tuition fees, which are directly received by them.

What are the tuition timings?

The tuition timings are not fixed by Multitutor; but are solely decided by tutors and tuition centres that you engage through us.

How to post my learning requirements or request a tutor?

Multitutor is a simple and user-friendly portal, where students can post their requirements for free. The following guidelines will help you to post your learning requirements or request a tutor.

For New User:

  • CLICK HERE to access the registration form
  • Fill the form correctly and ‘Submit’

For Registered Member:

  • Log in to your profile
  • Click on ‘My Requirements’ given on the left-hand side of Menu. Next, click on ‘Post A Requirement’
  • Fill the form given there and click ‘Submit’

How to share my feedback?

You can contact us to share your feedback via email or WhatsApp number provided on Multitutor.

What if I have to share any complain?

If you are facing any problems on Multitutor or have any complain to share, then you can contact us anytime, by sending a message on our email ID or WhatsApp number.

What if I face any problem while logging in?

If you are having any issues while logging into Multitutor, contact us immediately through email or WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can select ‘Forgot Password’ to reset the password. Note that: Your email address will always serve as your username.

Will my account be deactivated?

At Multitutor, we take stringent action when we detect any malpractice. If we sense any unethical activity from any registered user, in such a case we would deactivate that users account.

What to do if I forgot my password?

Follow the given steps, in case you have forgotten the login password of your Multitutor account:

  • Visit the ‘Login’ section on Multitutor
  • Select ‘Student’ and click ‘Forgot Password’ button
  • Enter your registered email ID, type the Security Code and ‘Submit’
  • You will immediately receive the password recovery email in your inbox

What if I forgot both password and email ID that I had provided while registering?

Follow any of the given steps, in case you have forgotten password and registered email ID:

STEP 1: Send us a request for recovery mail, clearly stating your name, Email ID and registered mobile number. Mail us on _____________ (email address) and you can expect Multitutor team to contact you at the earliest.

Step 2: Contact our online customer support team to request for login details through recovery mail. You need to mention your name, Email ID and Registered mobile number.

Do you provide or organise any demo class?

No, Multitutor does not provide or organise demo classes.

What is your Customer Support WhatsApp number?

The Customer Support WhatsApp Number of Multitutor is 9289036551

[Timing: Monday-Friday (9.30am – 6.30pm) and Saturday (9.30am – 3.30pm)]

FAQS for Mock Aptitude test

Why should I choose MultiTutor Aptitude Test?

MultiTutor is one stop platform for almost all major exams. We can help you prepare for major entrance exams such as SSC, Government exams, MBA entrance exams, Banking, Medical and many more

How many mock tests are there on MultiTutor?

MultiTutor has more than 800 exams to offer with more than lakhs of mock tests

How are MultiTutor mock tests different?

MultiTutor has mock papers created by expert tutors which match the level of expectations in entrance exams. After the exam we provide you with personalized test analysis which includes Section-wise Analysis, Attempt Analysis and Complete Performance Analysis

Does MultiTutor provide help in preparing for interviews?

At the moment, MultiTutor doesn’t provide any help with mock interviews