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Q1. What is the other name for Vitamin B2?

a) Niacin

b) Thiamin

c) Folic Acid

d) Riboflavin Q2. . 

Q2. . What is the formula to divide an odd number of teams in the upper half for a knockout fixture?

a) N+1/2

b) N-1/2

c) N(N-1)/2

d) N(N+1)/2

Q3. Which test is developed to test fitness in senior citizens?

a) Harvard step

b) Rikli and Jones


d) Rockport 

Q4. . Gliding movement occurs at which joint?

a) Knee

b) Hip

c) Wrist

d) Elbow

Q6. Consolation tournaments are a part of which type of fixture?

a) Knockout

b) league

c) combination

d) none of these 

Q7. Which amongst these is not a macro mineral?

a) Calcium

b) Potassium

c) Phosphorus

d) Iodine 

Q8. Who discovered Vitamin A?

a) Dr. Mc Collum

b) Dr. Coubertin

c) Dr. J.B.Nash

d) Dr. Harvard

Q9. Formula for determining the number of bye in the lower half of a knockout fixture when number of byes are odd?

a) nb+1/2

b) nb-1/2

c) nb /2

d) nb+1

Q10. What is the name of the postural deformity caused due to increase in the curve at the lumbar region?

a) Knock knees

b) Bow legs

c) Kyphosis

d) Lordosis

Q11. Which test is used to test the functional ability amongst senior citizens?

a) Rockport one mile test

b) Harvard step test

c) Rikli and Jones test

d) Fitness Index score

Q12. What is the test duration for the Arm curl test?

a) 1min

b) 2 min

c) 30sec

d) Number of repetitions

Q13. Which postural deformity has Convexities right or left?

a) Flat foot

b) Knock knees

c) Kyphosis

d) Scoliosis 

Q14. Which motor skill is involved in Smashing volleyball?

a) Gross motor skills

b) Fine motor skills

c) Cross motor skills

d) Open skills 

Q15. Who gave Laws of motion?

a) Galileo

b) Pascal

c) Newton

d) Darwin 

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